Materials Testing

Testing from the macrosopic to microscopic levels

Gain a clear insight into product performance with our materials testing expertise. We’ll help you understand your material and troubleshoot processing issues for prototyping, supplier qualification, quality management and failure analysis. If your material doesn’t meet expectations, we’ll engineer a new one.

Smarter Alloys has industry-leading materials characterization capabilities.

We are an expert service provider for the medical, automotive and energy industries.

Our capabilities include:


  • Scanning Electron Microsope (SEM)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • Metallography & Fractography

Mechanical & Destructive Testing

  • Mechanical Performance Testing
  • Fatigue & Cycle-Life Testing
  • Hardness testing

Stability Analysis

  • Corrosion Peformance Testing
  • Biocompatability Testing



Atomic scale imaging down to 10 nm resolution with EDX. Generate high resolution contrast maps for in depth understanding of surface roughness, composition, and grain morphology.


Characterize solid-state transformation with thermal analysis between -100 °C to +300 °C for insight into composition, crystallinity and stability.

Metallography & Fractography

Dive deep into microstructure to link material processing and properties with high quality metallographic analysis and microscopy.

Mechanical & Destructive Testing

Mechanical Performance Testing

Temperature controlled tensile, pull-to-failure and compression testing from micro to large scale end applications with digital image correlation (DIC).

Fatigue & Cycle-Life Testing

Dynamic loads, speeds, and environmental conditions to create predictive models and characteristic cycle-life data.

Hardness Testing

See the big picture with wide area high resolution imaging and hardness mapping.

Stability Analysis

Corrosion Performance Testing

Real-speed or accelerated corrosion testing including cyclic corrosion, salt spray, immersion and dry-wet-dry with varying temperature and humidity.

Biocompatibility Testing

In-vitro and in-vivo biocompatibility testing to ISO 109993.

Smarter Alloys’ material expertise and proprietary technology make smaller, lighter and more robust designs a possibility – even in the harshest environments.

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We have worked with customers across the globe to create and test state-of-art materials that meet strict customer reliability and specification requirements.

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