Introducing a new paradigm of performance

The new BX series endofiles with a laser treatment have a flexible core and a strong cutting edge. A hybrid microstructure that offers flexibility without trade-offs.

Paradigm Highlights


Laser tuned mechanical properties for focused performance


30% Increased flexibility at the distal end for easier navigation


Stronger cutting edges stay sharper longer for consistent performance


80% less likely to bind in the canal and torque-out handpiece


200% stronger in torsional loading reducing probability of separation


3X more ductility in torsion increases yield before fracture


Hybrid microstructure increases durability in torsional fatigue


Premium performance in an economical package

The confidence to perform

Navigating a root canal is like driving a twisty stretch of road. Just like a race car driver needs a performance-tuned automobile, a skilled dentist needs precision-tuned instruments. Paradigm BX gives you confidence to perform in the most demanding applications.

Paradigm BX-series endofiles combine strength and flexibility to elevate your process efficiency

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