The world’s first functionally-graded medical device

SmartArch is the first and only functionally-graded orthodontic archwire with tooth-to-tooth resolution. Our patented laser processing technology programs the copper-NiTi archwire to deliver biomechanically-optimized pseudoelastic stress to each tooth. Smarter Alloys can make any NiTi medical device smart.

Medical Highlights


Program properties into any NiTi medical device


Hybrid shape memory and pseudoelastic designs


Unlimited design flexibility


Material treatment maintains biocompatibility


ISO 13485 with MDSAP certification


Rapid prototyping and testing facilities

World class medical device manufacturing

Quality in the medical device industry is non-negotiable. Smarter Alloys is ISO 13485 certified to provide reliable medical device design and manufacturing. We’re fully equipped to rapidly prototype and characterize shape memory alloy medical devices of any shape and size.

Smarter Alloys’ technology for programming shape memory and pseudoelastic properties in medical devices can take your design flexibility to a new plateau.

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