Mechanical Engineer

As our new Mechanical Engineer, your primary goal is to design, build, and test mechanical devices for the energy harvesting, automotive, and medical device industries. We’re looking for someone who can truly own their projects, and carry them independently all the way through design, prototyping, testing, and production.

Primarily, we’re looking for someone with experience in powertrain design, and some experience working with mechanical power transmission, and related design for manufacturing experience.

Practically speaking, you will: 

  • Design, build, and test everything mechanical, from miniature devices to larger machines, incorporating programmable shape memory alloy technology
  • Develop and execute verification and validation activities including test plans and building equipment
  • Support procurement and commissioning of automation, mechanical, and manufacturing equipment for both rapid prototyping and production
  • Support marketing, business development, production, quality, and research and development efforts

You will have the independence and freedom to work on your projects independently, but with that freedom comes the responsibility of being understanding and responsive to the iterative nature of the work, and of communicating effectively with rest of the team. 

You also have great technical strength, and you’re more than just book smart – you love digging into projects, getting your hands dirty, and feeling the rush that comes with successfully testing your own creations. You take pride in documenting your work and sharing in a collaborative manner

You should also be the kind of person who can look at the big picture, and intuitively understand all the work that needs to be put in place to achieve it. You’re not only a problem solver, you are a problem definer – able to insightfully characterize problems and develop comprehensive requirements for which you develop solutions.

If this sounds like you, and you’re excited by the opportunity to work in a dynamic, industry-leading start-up, then we want to hear from you.

Electronics Designer

As our new Electronics Designer, you will play an integral role in our design process – transforming vision into reality, as you contribute to the design of new applications for our programmable shape memory alloy technology. 

We are looking for an experienced electrical engineer/hardware designer – someone with hands-on experience building control and data acquisition systems, as well as the ability and desire to take ownership of everything from understanding requirements of large scale systems, to specifying,  assembling, and integrating the components,  right down to writing code to support the firmware to integrate these systems. 

Working across project teams, you will:

 Design, build, and test electronic prototypes for data acquisition systems and system control 

  • Troubleshoot open-ended problems in prototyping and design
  • Design hardware system architecture as well as program firmware
  • Integrate sensors and feedback control on lab prototypes and couple to SCADA systems.
  • Design, create, and test custom PCBs and electrical devices for applications ranging from consumer electronics to medical devices 
  • Develop layouts for multi-layer PCB designs, considering signal integrity, board stack-up optimization, heat dissipation, etc.
  • Assist in the development of novel SMA sensing techniques
  • Conduct circuit design simulations
  • Specify and source components
  • Work closely with a multidisciplinary team to integrate electronics in various SMA systems

Every day in this role will offer an opportunity to exercise your creativity and apply your deep technical knowledge to create innovative solutions to important problems. 

You’ll enjoy a unique role in which you’ll get to work independently and with multidisciplinary teams. You’ll serve as a leader on our electrical engineering team, providing mentorship and guidance to more junior team members, while also supporting management with critical decision-making. 

In addition to honing your skills in electronics design, you’ll sharpen your project management and interpersonal skills, and develop a broad knowledge of shape memory alloys and their applications. 

If you are a highly motivated and independent self-starter, looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to make a big impact in a rapidly growing company, look no further.

Materials Science Engineer

As our new Materials Science Engineer, you will play an integral role on our materials science team, helping to develop and advance our technology and materials. 

You will be working with smart materials (including shape memory alloys) and advanced manufacturing processes to understand how these processes can be used to control the function of these materials. 

You will: 

  • Support the materials team on NiTi-based shape memory alloy R&D activities, and any projects related to materials and device development and testing
  • Perform material properties characterization and testing using a variety of techniques (optical microscopy, SEM, DSC, thermomechanical testing, tensile testing, laser processing, heat treating, hardness testing)
  • Perform statistical analysis on materials testing results 
  • Develop a thorough understanding of multi-memory-materials technology 

Every day in this role will offer an opportunity to apply your deep technical knowledge to help develop innovative solutions to important problems. 

To succeed in this role, you will require a strong grasp of metallic materials, and be able to use both experimental and numerical methods to optimize these materials for different applications. 

You will enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced, knowledgeable, and collaborative team, who will support you when needed but also empower you to solve problems independently and work autonomously.  

If you have a passion for materials science and are a highly motivated and independent self-starter looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to make a big impact in a rapidly growing company, look no further.