Clean Technology

Stop dumping waste heat down the drain

When clean energy wins, we all win. Our Extract Energy heat engine takes waste heat from industrial processes and turns it into useful work. Energy that would normally be dumped down the drain is harvested for improved overall efficiency. That’s a win for you, and the environment.

Clean Technology Highlights


Generate electricity from low-grade waste heat


Reduce cooling costs


Efficient at low temperatures


Add-on to other bottoming cycles


Lowest LCOE low-grade waste heat engine


Small footprint, easy to install

Plugging in to clean energy

The Extract Energy heat engine is designed for plug-and-play installation. We can tap into a wide variety of waste heat streams, including cooling and process water, at relatively low temperatures. Our small, modular footprint and low cost means you start saving on energy sooner.

Smarter Alloys is currently scouting test sites for pilot installation of 5-10kW heat engine units.

Your site may be the perfect fit.

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